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    I have a roleplay idea. It is clean (not dirty) and long term. Looking for a character to play a gay sophomore in high school. He is closeted but an extremely good athlete (you choose the sport). I am roleplaying as a freshman in high school. I’m very small and skinny for a freshman and I sign up to be a manager on your sports team. I didnt know anybody before the start of that year because I was moved to a different orphanage (Yes my character is an orphan. The orphanage isn’t abusive or dirty or anything like that). But, there was one kid that knew me from my old school. He was a bully and knew I was gay so he told everyone and began to bully me. We start with you starting to walk out of school and you see him standing over me and holding me by my shirt and telling me how worthless I am and that no one will ever like me. I then start crying being emotionally defeated. I have more details if you want. Just dm me if Interested!!!

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