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    @czarjuan )

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    @czarjuan Daniel wiped his blades clean and abandoned his post in the mess hall; his fish needed a good soaking in that broth before the dish itself would be ready. He left below decks to join the men on board. Men of which tugged on ropes, climbed on ropes, and swung from ropes. The men on board had the agility of cats. It was most impressive to watch men shimmy up the poles like bears in a tree. Daniel weaseled his way past and made it to the upper level where the captain would be. He stood at attention and gave him a salute before speaking. "Captain?"

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    @zero__ Captain Jacob Barbossa

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    @czarjuan what name will your captain be?)

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    @zero__ I'm down to captain the Dominator

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    The waves crashed against the side of The Dominator, the crew of which crashed and fumbled aboard along with the sea. Daniel Smelts stayed below deck, doing his best to remove all the scales from a freshly salted fish. His blade slid through the fish with a skillful practice, the ship's swaying having no affect on his chore. Once the fish was skinned, he placed it in a pot of boiling water, of which was blessed with fennel, red pepper, leafy greens, and brandy.

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