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    @lunamoonlightツ okay)

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    @berserker57 we go to the dm and talk about it. ||

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    @lunamoonlightツ i like plot 4 and plot 7)

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    Plot 8 : ( my character means to be your character and I'm the girl )

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    @lunamoonlightツ nice)

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    @berserker57 and no I didn't just busy I have a free weekend this week. ||

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    @cleosson1 yes we should ||

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    Continue of plot 6 : She sat in the corner of the shop as some men tried to ask her to be their partner. Knowing that she was a strong one and would make anyone successful. Out of jealousy ( your character) walked over to the witch and asked her to be your partner. Out of all the other she said yes to you. Now you have ( my character) by your side what will you do ? Plot 7: ( yc )and (mc) have been best friends since we were little kids. By the time we knew it we were in high school . Our appearances and ways began to change. Especially our feelings we realize we are not kids anymore and we have feelings for each other . Who will confess first ? ( mc) who is shy and bookworm or (yc) who has a thought exterior but a good heart on the inside. Plot 8 : My character is tall and scary looking so rationally, people are scared of him. He has no friends for this reason and no one really knows much about him. He used to have a cheerful personality but, then people started avoiding him and ignoring him. On the outside he seems bitter and careless. But on the inside he's a total softy, though no ones given him a chance. Your character is quite the opposite. She has plenty of friends and everyone in the school knows her name. Her father owns a very successful and powerful business, making them extremely rich. One day she notices him sitting alone at lunch, and sits by him to talk to him. At first she's just trying to befriend him out of pity, but as time goes on, she learns his true personality and falls for him.

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    @lunamoonlightツ hi what happened to you lol? I thought you died)

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    I like the idea of plot 5, shall we plan it out in DMs?

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