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    Agh I wish this wasn't dead

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    || @simpatico can you re-tag me to the bio room please? ||

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    [ Hello ]

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    I'm back. What'd I miss?||

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    Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Take as long as you need)) @_demolition_

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    || @simpatico hey, is it okay if I post my bio and starter sometime later? Like tomorrow or something. I have a lot on my mind right now, I can't really focus on stuff anymore like roleplays. ||

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    @mac_sauce I’ll tag you in the bio room))

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    Yo I wanna join))

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    Mateo woke up in a bed, gasping for air. He didnt remember falling asleep, let alone being in a bed. He looked around the foreign room he was in before sucking in a large breath. "What the hell?" He wondered aloud, throwing the blanket off of himself and planting his feet on the floor. He slowly stood up and walked towards the door, hoping to find out where the hell he was. He quietly opened it and peeked out into a hallway. "Hello?" He called out, hoping to hear a reply. When he didn't he stepped out into the hall looking up and down it, trying to figure out which way to go. He decided to go to the Left, peering through doors, still not able to pin point where he was. "Hello?" He called out again, not getting a reply again. He came to a turn in the hallway, and sighed in annoyance before walking more. He heard voices, and started to walk faster, hoping to find who the voices belonged to. He quickly found a lab door, pushing it open a crack and he saw two people, one had his back to him. He recognized one of the boys as a guy named Truman Lang. He stayed hidden, watching them talk, hoping one of them would mention where they were. Is this okay??))

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