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  1. Posted by flintofbavaria ,

    @paperboats Same! If you re do it, I'd still like to be the elf leader))

  2. Posted by daredevil1463d814049 D,

    @paperboats I'm still interested as well. //

  3. Posted by akaida ,


  4. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    @malo_and_ick yeahhh I know! ))

  5. Posted by icrife ,

    @paperboats bro it’s aight. Life literally ruins everything

  6. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    @malo_and_ick I'm sorry for being absent- I may well recreate this again ;-;))

  7. Posted by icrife ,

    And so is @one_way_road

  8. Posted by icrife ,

    @paperboats yes lmao I am

  9. Posted by icrife ,

    @paperboats I feel that. I feel it so much

  10. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    Anyone still interested in this? 😅

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