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  1. Posted by neptune ,

    Thx i hate it

  2. Posted by 国史無双 ,

    Me too~

  3. Posted by icrife ,


  4. Posted by icrife ,

    [[ Same ]]

  5. Posted by Xylo ,

    Tag me, I'll use the same characters ||

  6. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    Since this died, I shall probably remake this.

  7. Posted by 国史無双 ,

    ((The OC I drew for this game))

  8. Posted by missdino1_79 ,

    @malo_and_ick oh fuck! I hope everything's okay. I meant to put no pressure on people, I just thought it was a little quiet. Take your time.))

  9. Posted by icrife ,

    [[ @paperboats I’m not sure if I will be able to post today. Maybe way later tonight but it’s going to be a good minute. My dad got into a car accident and I’m having to go across state as soon as I get out of school.]]

  10. Posted by Xylo ,

    @malo_and_ick is around, just busy with stupid people ||

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