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    Cole wandered the street, watching the people. He had always loved to watch people, so he did, all of the time. He had seen so many things, couples breaking up, people having medical emergencies in the middle if the streets, random small things like boyfriends looking at other girls which weren't their girlfriends, minor dishonesties. It was very entertaining. He most lived to watch the cathedral. He loved seeing the horrific people do the things that we're protecting them. He would sit a few buildings away and just watch people all day.

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    Val'kyrja strode into the cathedral, donning a horrific mask with the visage of a skeletal devil. She hung her cloak on her right shoulder, mostly hanging off of her body. She spotted the properly cloaked woman and slid in next to her. "The sky is darkest in the dawn," she remarked. She reached for a book similar to the one the woman held and opened it up without looking. She'd memorized it long ago. The act was more formality than anything.

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    The skies were clear over Central Utopia, the Yithian Cathedral loomed over the city and its cobbled streets. People quietly moved through the dance that was their daily routines. The markets were full of quiet murmurs as the low droning sound of the chanting choir reverberated from the city walls and the Windows of buildings. It was at the Cathedral where Eldryth sat. A figure cloaked in black, flipping through the pages of book with an unmarked black cover. Her golden eyes scanned the old pages. She looked like a spirit, a silhouette, somethig that one would wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweat dripping down their back after seeig in a dream. A black mask covered her face. It was decorated with the horns of a ram. Her fiery hair peeked out only a tiny bit from the hood that shadowed over the features of the mask.

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    Hey, do we has enough to kick this off?)) @skellymouse @jug @bloodfeather

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    //that's Who plays jug head in Riverdale?! Holy hell he got hot!//

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    @jug you right))

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    Cole Sprouse is a babe. 》

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    name: Cody ross age: 17 gender: male sexuality: straight height: 6'1" Race: white Nationality: american Place of birth: NYC bitches Languages: english Birthday: June 2 Zodiac: gemini positive traits: Flirtatious, cocky, charming, sweet, loves cuddles, and so much more 😉 negative traits: Sarcastic, trust issues, can be un loyal if he gets bored with a relationship. Interests: Photography and falling in love. Beliefs: Everybody is amazing unless they're a dick, then they aren't Quotes: "Fuck yeah mydudes! "

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