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    Rose hadn’t really anticipated hurting or killing anyone on the trip, which is why she became hesitant. Pulling a scythe from the shadows of her sleeve, she simply backed up if they were getting near her. She didn’t see a reason to attack if they hadn’t first. The petite girl looked over at Hannibal, and all that he was doing to protect and she really started to feel bad. She took a few steps forward and considered surrendering herself, but she didn’t go the full way. @grimendingz

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    Hannibal growled that being said he punched the Bandit next to the leader in his throat so hard that his cartilage fell."I'm sure you won't want to handle this in the most civil way possible so enough talk. Hannibal said lunging onto the Bandit leader and 3 others."Rose kill these men because if they catch you they will never forget that you are a woman. " Hannibal spoke in a monstrously deep tone that had been slightly distorted. His words blunt,but true this were the lowest form of trash Hannibal had come across in a while. Hannibal began to change his back muscles breaking making room for those of the beast. He let out a grunt of pain,that soon turned into a roar of terror." Shit it's a Lycan just grab the girl and get out of here." One of the men said as the others who weren't occupied with Hannibal began towards rose. Hannibal began to claw the men trapped beneath him in a clawed frenzy.@ajanicolee

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    Rose stepped back a bit and held onto Hannibal’s arm. She was slightly confused at first, but when she followed the conversation she become more aware of what was going on. Looking over at Hannibal, she considered telling him to just give her up. It was probably in everyone’s best interest, she could just fight them off later, and he wouldn’t have to worry about his control anymore. She examined the leader and his minions then turned to look at the kind male behind her. “Trade me to them.” Keeping it sweet and simple, she said it. Of course she didn’t want to go, but Rose was sure he would be relieved to not have to look after her. “I-I’ll be okay and then you won’t have to worry about me keeping up, or protecting me, or you controlling yourself.” The more she pondered the situation, the worse it seemed to her. At first she was all on bored but now she had become scared. But all at the same time, she felt like a huge burden. @grimendingz

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    Eldryth held the skull of the Nosferatu and examined it. She sat there running her finger along the teeth, but stopping at the fangs. She ran her tongue along her own teeth at the same time. The bone felt like a decoration not like a bone. She sat it aside and ran her fingers through her hair. She wanted to cry, but her eyes wouldn't let her. She summoned the grotesque hound from before and it climbed onto the bed and laid its head with three mouths and four eyes on her laid. She sighed and pet the creature being careful not to touch one of the hundred eyes on his skin.

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    Elijah sat down on the circle he had made in the forest and took a few deep breaths before closing his eyes and starting to meditate. He wasn’t going back to the caravan but he would give her a few days head start before he started his official hunt on her. After all he had one last vamp in town he had to kill.@bloodfeather

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    Eldryth watched him leave. She growled quietly and started packing her things back into trunks and cases. She carried her stuff into the Caravan and put them in their place. She sat on her bed and waited for Elijah to return. She was going to leave, she didn't want him to follow. He had till the next morning before she would just leave. @elijah_kom_trekru

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    Elijah watched her and listened very carefully. He shrugged as he thought about everything she had pointed out. He stood up when she finished and he walked into the forest outside of town wanting to get away from everything for a bit. He knew he had created something wrong but he didn’t quite know how wrong till she happened.

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    "Something is off."Hannibal said gesturing for Rose to stop. It wasn't long before the highwaymen and bandits came to show themselves. Their scents had been strong."Beasties." Hannibal said in a low annoyed tone." Have you gots anything for the toll." The one who seemed to be the leader had asked. "Of course you all would place yourselves preying on the week and ambushing the strong." Hannibal said feeling a bit of disgust. "Boss these ones look different from those others maybe we should just let them past."A simpleton said surprising the voice of reason. Hannibal grew silent his expression changed to one all to familiar his killing face maybe. "Listen to your men I will slaughter you." Hannibal said with a nonchalant yet cocky smirk." I am hungry aren't you? The coins they have will buy us decent ale and mead."The Bandit beastie said reassuring his men of what they had been their for. "And whores." Another one added. " A few thing worth some coin and you both are free to go. "What about the girl boss."Another one added." Or you my big friend could just trade us her." The leader added.@ajanicolee

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