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  2. Posted by dizzy4682 ,

    Guess im an old man now

  3. Posted by dizzy4682 ,

    I remember being relative on geeking

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  5. Posted by riasbabe101 ,

    @dizzy4682 wow

  6. Posted by dizzy4682 ,

    Damn its been a while

  7. Posted by tears_to_blood ,

    @kura_ Then I guess the pain is relatable

  8. Posted by kura_neko ,

    @tears_to_blood I know I was part of the chat for a long time and I watched it slowly die

  9. Posted by tears_to_blood ,

    @kura_ Sorry to inform you but this place has died a long time ago, many have tried to resurrect it but failed. Good day to you

  10. Posted by kura_neko ,

    Join this roleplay about a bunch of families read the aa

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