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  1. Posted by hisa829428 ,

    @ciel_boss_ 17. Lol I know I'm old.

  2. Posted by ciel_is_here ,

    @wolfii YAY how old are you

  3. Posted by hisa829428 ,

    @ciel_boss_ Yes. *smiles and nods.*

  4. Posted by lal ,

    @aishite Oki cya thare pal

  5. Posted by ciel_is_here ,

    @wolfii *pets* friends?

  6. Posted by aishite ,

    @medicine Yes

  7. Posted by hisa829428 ,

    @ciel_boss_ Okay.

  8. Posted by lal ,

    @aishite How much bottles for two of us?

  9. Posted by ciel_is_here ,

    @wolfii i promise i wont *holds smiling keeping u warm*

  10. Posted by lunette_heart ,

    @anonymuz Then take a nap Bish

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