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  1. Posted by zachtheripper ,

    Hello all! I am currently seeking dirty RP partners for Overwatch yet again! I will use a male OC of mine so at LEAST CHECK HIS BIO BEFORE CHOOSING YES OR NO TO ME! I do have many plans in store and am usually adaptable to many other plans even though i'm not so into them. I will be asking RP related questions to see if we'd be compatible RP partners or not. If you'll be a legit Overwatch character with an OC, that's fine. Preferably someone who'd be all. I’m usually very patient although I do check in often, but I want you to respond in no more than 3 days at most. Really the minimum line count I ask for is 16 lines for clean scenes and at least 12 for the sex scenes. If you have any special kinks that don’t go against my limits that you want used, even if they don’t turn me on directly i’ll most likely allow them just for you 😘. (Kinda like a tolerance of sorts)

  2. Posted by snogglesnitch_55 ,

    I’m looking for a TeddyxJames Sirius! It requires a suddenly slightly jealous/possessive Teddy when he sees James with someone. I’m also up for other RP’s, just throw me an idea! I prefer Drarry or TeddyxJames Sirius, though. I have a plot written, it’s much more in-depth. It’s just late, and my brain is only half working XD

  3. Posted by jerichosonlyfan ,

    Rp anyone?

  4. Posted by teddy19186 ,

    Helloo there. :3

  5. Posted by itzbell83 ,

    Ello, who'd like to come live at a manor outside of a certain city? Its occupants have gone off to travel and what not, except two that decided to stay. Now wouldn't it be fun to have new members pop up? ;) Gotta be lit thou. Whoever is interested Dm me.

  6. Posted by anime_nerd207 ,

    @thegaynextdoor omg exactly, I have the worst time with these things, some people probably think I’m crazy

  7. Posted by thegaynextdoor ,

    @anime_nerd207 lol yeah it too much and at bad times.😂

  8. Posted by anime_nerd207 ,

    @thegaynextdoor I get it, I do that too sometimes 😂

  9. Posted by thegaynextdoor ,

    Oh no it's okay now. I just try to find something funny to just brighten out a good mood or something sometimes.

  10. Posted by torigashii ,

    No it’s okay. I’m sorry about your friends.

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