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    @jerichosonlyfan Sorry, rp machine is broken

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    Rp anyone?

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    If you are ever bored, here. (Y/C) awoke in what looked to be an office, alone with vision first a bit blurry. Once cleared it could be seen that (Y/C) may be inside of a empty police station. (Y/C) was sitting at one of a few desks in the area, on the desk there were two things. The first was something that looked to be used for communication, a radio most likely. The other was a folder labeled "Briefing" in red, these items looked familiar but when (Y/C) tried remembering them was to difficult. After the difficulty (Y/C) character comes to realize that they don't know where they were, or why they were there... Or anything else in general, only thing (Y/C) could remember was their name.

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    "Hello, hello!" A womanly voice called out to the crowd. If any was to look they would see a woman standing beside another. The other would be a man looking to be around his late twenties. The man wore little, barely enough to cover his privates. He was rather dirty, looking to the ground with a blank expression. He had long, dirty white hair and dim deep sea blue eyes. Though his lack of clothes the man was being forced to wear a muzzle, gauntlets made for restraining, last being a collar fitted tight on him with a chain attached for the woman to hold. "Today we got an interesting one you. We aren't to sure what he is actually is, but he seems to be some sort of shape shifter. If interested come over and I'll give you more, maybe you'll get yourself a pet. Careful though, this one has yet to actually be broken."

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    Literate RP ideas. Dm me if interested : 1). Vampire x human 2). Shy / bullied kid x popular kid (jock, Cheerleader etc) - one of the most popular people in the school bumps into one of the shyest kids in the school. They start to speak to each other and become friends. Will they become more that that ? 3). Childhood friends ( then time skip to a few years later to when they are older ) - you and your best friend. What can I say?  You were both ineperable until the day one of you moved. But you have now met again years later and don't know each other until you start to speak to each other. 4). Abused girl x friend (guy) - one of the quietest and shyest girls in the school is dating the worst boy in the school.  She hardly ever speaks when he's around cause she's scared. What happens when you bump into her one night when she's leaving his house ? 5).Famous person (real or make up your own) x fan -  You are a celebrity who tours around the world (real or made up) and is adored by fans. What happens when a fan catches your eye  at a meet and greet? Will things work out between you both? 6).Rich/Millionaire  boy x poor girl - it's your normal routine or it happens every other day. You goto a small coffee shop and get your normal order when you notice a girl behind the counter who seems to work there no matter what time of the day it is. She's there to try and keep things up and running in her parents house as she is the only child that is old enough to work along with her older brother who helps her run the house.

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    message me for roleplay

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    Anyone want to roleplay? xD

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    @toxicparty want me to message you?

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    @alphys_undyne okay thank you!

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    @toxicparty I can RP with you then. I like romance, action, and fantasy

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