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    Hey! Im into pretty much anything, DM me if you would like to rp. I'm semi-lit i guess. You be the judge and help me out to become better at rping (:

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    Hybrid Realms: A roleplay on the fantasy lands of Tiberia. An open world for you to roleplay in! Your decisions have consequences and you have many roles to choose from! Want to work for the government? Want to become a warrior? An explorer? A serial killer? The only limitation is your imagination. We also have a unique chat system and website meaning only people by invite can enter our world. This chat has a built in dice system we use for many various reasons. (One of which is to goof off at times!) We are looking for people who like a group setting with kind members and great roleplay! We also use a unique stat system along with a large pool of experienced roleplayers to keep god moding to a minimum! What is the best part? We use a unique style of roleplay called creative flow. What does this mean? It means even if you're not online that your character(s) are still in motion. They could be sleeping, working, traveling. This way it doesn't feel like you need to be on 24/7 and you can pick up where you left off or start somewhere new to make it interesting. We only limit you by your own imagination. To make this work, we also roleplay in real time. This keeps things flowing and everyone's characters are in the same time period. No time skips. This slows the pace to allow you to really dig into your characters personality and take the time to really plan your characters next steps. So if you want a place to roleplay? We are that place. :) Also, in all honestly, this roleplay is better viewed with a tablet or computer if you had one. If you don't, let me know and I'll help you with the mobile aspect :) (Since most don't read it all. Please write what devices you have available if interested)

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    @druidry YAY

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    @steelfaust OH ILL TAG YA

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    @druidry I WANT IN

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    @illusionist thank you man

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