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    Looking for somebody to to Avatar the last Airbender with me!

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    We're definitely still in the infant stages of the RP, but it's never too late to pick up a role and go with it. DM me for questions or anything.

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    Hey dudes, I made a pretty in depth Warcraft inspired (bastardized) medieval fantasy RP. Looking for some great writers and generally fun people to join.

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    I would be ecstatic, if y'all would join this! There is more in the AA, it is a gang type mafia Roleplay. ^^

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    「 You tap your feet agitated as you worry over what to do with your belongings stolen on the first day of arriving in this new city. You've heard bad rumors about this place but never expected anything like this to happen so soon. Stuck in a dirty place with nothing is not a good way to start. Suddenly, you hear footsteps coming from behind you. You quickly start walking... towards the wrong direction. If you ever had to repent on something you did, it would be now. You hasten your footsteps and start running towards a dark, black alleyway only to trip on something causing you to fall down on your knees. As you look up all you see is pairs of eyes that glare at you from the darkness.」 ----------------------- Here you have the choice of two. Either die by their hands, or join and fall from your path. Can you do it? Welcome to the city where dangerous mobsters and gangs hang around to conquer the area. Each three month there holds a tournament where three of the strongest gangs that lurks in the city decides who is the "King". These three gangs are known to be the most dangerous and fearsome around this area. They are ferocious animals who seem harmless on the outside but strong and powerful on the inside. The pandas, the rabbits, and the cats. You'll see them lurking around the city wearing animal hoodies that represent their gang. Now here's some advice, survival of the fittest. Even within the gang, if you are weak... you'll get eaten.

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    In search of a Literate Roleplay partner preferably Male, can come with out of the box ideas as I have some of my own. DM me if you are interested. ^^

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    Looking for a clean literate roleplay partner with juicy plots and horrific twists.

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    @pocketwoman I'm interestedd!!!!

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