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  1. Posted by burumabriefs ,

    But I prefer a male. My apologies I should have stated that.

  2. Posted by nyt_prophet ,

    @burumabriefs I’d be interested in something involving Fairytale Fantasies.

  3. Posted by burumabriefs ,

    Is anyone interested in fairytale fantasies or Tudor's Dynasty roleplay?

  4. Posted by crabwithcheese ,

    1 on 1?

  5. Posted by nyt_prophet ,

    I’m open to pretty much anything.

  6. Posted by nyt_prophet ,

    Does anyone want to rp?

  7. Posted by crabwithcheese ,

    I'll try it out

  8. Posted by Femboysissy ,

    Yes please

  9. Posted by elizabethbraddock ,

    Any guys up for a pirate RP?

  10. Posted by nyt_prophet ,

    @rogue2_0 okay sounds good to me.

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