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  1. Posted by Korosensei ,

    @ever_lonelysoul_ I am up for either

  2. Posted by _insanusgurl_ ,

    Anyone up for a horror or Fantasy roleplay?

  3. Posted by Korosensei ,

    I do star wars@fenrisulven

  4. Posted by fenrisulven ,

    Where are all the Star Wars player at?

  5. Posted by fenrisulven ,


  6. Posted by fenrisulven ,


  7. Posted by Korosensei ,

    Bxb or bxg hanahaki roleplay anyone? I will be the girl in the bxg roleplay.

  8. Posted by ladyrose22 ,

    18+ medieval romance knight x princess rp?Males dm me

  9. Posted by ur_flower_girl ,


  10. Posted by Korosensei ,

    Sorry for the blunt request but my depression is kicked into overdrive and I need something to distract it. I'm up for anything at this moment.

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