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  1. Posted by The_Perv_God_ ,

    @blox so was i lol, although no one really wants to see your pokemon cards not being mean or anything. Just being blunt.

  2. Posted by GoldTreecko ,

    @perv_god u know i was joking

  3. Posted by GoldTreecko ,


  4. Posted by The_Perv_God_ ,

    @broken_illusion ok

  5. Posted by opheliaaurius ,

    @perv_god if you message me, we can talk about it ?

  6. Posted by The_Perv_God_ ,

    @blox I dont think anyone came to this app to play with pokemon cards or stuff like that.😒 just saying.

  7. Posted by The_Perv_God_ ,

    @broken_illusion i can do that, But depends on the rp.

  8. Posted by opheliaaurius ,

    I have rp ideas. I am looking for someone to play male, who can do at least 8 lines or more per roleplay reply and who can do modern day type rps

  9. Posted by GoldTreecko ,

    @perv_god why not

  10. Posted by The_Perv_God_ ,

    @blox ✋ NOT ME

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