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  1. Posted by Timeless_gore ,

    Avengers roleplay. Canon characters only Romance maybe included in the rp please be able to play multiple characters clean only I'm a female oc if you have any questions let me know

  2. Posted by imara ,

    Looking for an Advanced Literate Roleplay Partner! Read my bio for more info! Serious inquiries only please!

  3. Posted by tominabraham97 ,

    *You returning from a late night party at your friends house. Suddenly your car breaks down and it's raining heavily. You notice a house across the road [continue]

  4. Posted by essence_12 ,

    Hi, I'm looking for fandom roleplays. Read my bio and DM me if you're interested!

  5. Posted by tygabear_61 ,

    I wanna rp if any guy is interested dm me

  6. Posted by words_for_yuu ,

    ~The day it rained humans~ an unlikely story The human realm is an odd place. People hurt each other, and everyone abides by these unwritten rules that binds our society together and keeps everything in check. . . keeps everything neutral and controlled. On the other side of that coin is a world of creatures all but human, monsters. Monsters live in their own world, and their world is left unchanged for centuries. There is no technological advancements and there is no crazy rules added with a new batch of leaders. The monsters use what humans would consider dated tools (no phones, cars, or anything man created) and they abide by the unchanging rules they always have. [C]These worlds remain and don't interact, the humans unknowing of the monsters, and the monsters, banished from entering the human realm. Only the elder committee know how to get to and from the human realm, and they will never share. Everything is peaceful and life goes on as it is. . . Until that coin flips. It was a normal day, a day that could be lost in the mess of every day nearly identical that filled the boys mind. The boy headed down the stairs, passing people and forgetting their face the second they left his eyes. It was boring...as it always was. He heard the ding of the subway light overhead through the echo of the rain outside. It was a soothing sound. He closed his eyes for a moment and looked over his shoulder on a whim to indeed see a hooded figure looking at him. The person had their face hidden by the hood but he could tell they weren't normal under there. Likely a burn victim or something. Just as he turned his head back he heard footsteps, struggling to make them out apart form all the others they sped up. It was. . .coming closer? Hitaco flipped around to see the hooded figure directly in front of him now. He felt two hands strike into his chest hard sending him backwards. Time seemed to slow to almost a stop. . . The boy's eyes moved from the figure to the subway speeding towards him, about to collide with him mid air. He was sure he would be dead before he hit the ground. He closed his eyes tight, shielding them from the blinding headlights as the sound of the conformation light clicked on. His subway was here...

  7. Posted by __avalina__ ,

    Message me for roleplay ideas. I have a couple of plots In mind. ^^

  8. Posted by xecile ,

    Looking for adv/semi lit Rp partners, up for ideas and plots or to make one together, long term preferred, mainly looking for action/adventure based but again, open for ideas.

  9. Posted by khizarakb ,

    Hey! Had been away for my exams. Now back to geeking. Need new rps. Group rps are preferred. Semi to advanced lit preferred. Feel free to dm.

  10. Posted by deadcities ,

    Hey everyone! I’m new here and am looking for a semi-lit / lit (I can write up to 3-6 paragraphs depending on the scene.) I’m interested in Medieval, fantasy, supernatural, romance, and more! If there is romance involved, dirty scenes may be mentioned.(not graphically described since that makes me uncomfortable.) Please let me know if you’re interested or if you have a role/plot in mind. I don’t bite! ^~^

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