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  1. Posted by maddpupp333 ,

    @yungprodigy Okiiee

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    @clingy_katt Imma add you//

  3. Posted by maddpupp333 ,

    ( please hmu on Kik, I rarely respond on here) Kik: Maddpupp Hello, I'm a female looking for a long-term roleplay partner, please be at least semi lit and doesn't mind if im a bit spotty (on and offline). No one liners or one words. I have some roles but if you have some I'd love to hear them, or we can make one up ourselves. PLEASE BE 19 OR UNDER! I'm not gonna send ñûđęš and I will not just do dïrty, I'm not into "daddy daughter, student teacher, bro sis" type stuff. I'm into drama, sci fy, horror, realistic, fantasy, futuristic, fandoms, romance, and maybe others you suggest. I wanna do and actual roleplay with a genuine roleplayer. Hmu if interested. ( 5+ lines!!!!!!! If you don't do more than 5 I won't role-play with you anymore ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️)

  4. Posted by myra ,

    I have a group rp idea that is really like to do but I need 7 more people for it. Is anyone interested? It's about eight people who someone represent either the four horsemen of the apocalypse or the four cardinal virtues and they move to this institute for 'troubled people'

  5. Posted by torree217 ,

    @mei_rin I would i know im kinda late lol

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    @danielleg0nzalez I am whats your kik

  7. Posted by crabby_boy ,

    I’m looking for someone Advanced and or just literate for an elf x hunter roleplay, I’m a sub and the relationship is bxb. The world is simple but still different dm me if you are at all interested into maybe getting into a role-play, and if this plot doesn’t interest you I’ve got many more just dm me.

  8. Posted by doodlelidoo ,

    Heyho! In search of a partner who fits good into roles given to them. You get bonus points and a gold star, if you are able to make other people blush and feel the tingles while roleplaying. The character you're going to play isn't the usual deal though, so be warned. //Yandere and romance themes highly possible, but negotiable.// [Complex story lover? Me too! You are welcome to make this as deep as you want!] This can be straight or not.

  9. Posted by todtodot ,

    Anyone one here that can play a dom or a switch message me. 6+ lines. I have plots. Im friendlier than you think Im just a bit sick of playing the dom

  10. Posted by lesbiann ,

    Any girl for role play must be descriptive in the play and write minimum 6 lines

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