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  1. Posted by Levnikka ,


  2. Posted by Counterinsurgency ,

  3. Posted by iwanrpizzaa ,

    Oh my

  4. Posted by Counterinsurgency ,

    U h

  5. Posted by Alek_ ,

    But yeah I heard you could "have sex anyway you want" in cyber punk so i wont ever really have to leave my house now

  6. Posted by Alek_ ,

    im kinda worried about the combat for KH3 though. Its starting to look like shit from Dream Drop distance which was a okay game but combat was more about dicking around with the environment more then the fight itself

  7. Posted by Counterinsurgency ,

    Cyberpunk is gonna be gr8 If the witcher saga taught me something, It's to give all my money to polish game devs

  8. Posted by absolute ,

    beat sephiroth for the first time even though i was a pussy and overleveled myself to 99

  9. Posted by absolute ,

    played kingdom hearts 2 in hype for 3

  10. Posted by Alek_ ,

    And cyper punk looks pretty cool what ever it is

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