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  1. Posted by Kottah ,

    Deadass but im 18

  2. Posted by Kottah ,

    Thats me tho

  3. Posted by mittelos_fett ,

    Oh who? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Posted by mittelos_fett ,

    Ohhh speaking of that, I hate how these young ass bitches be like "I need a daddy" or "damn daddy" like ewwww no hoe you have a dadddy with your underage living at home with your parents ass

  5. Posted by Poloniumใƒ„ ,

    So my night has been shit but then there is this person whom I'm talking to right now and like they are making me smile so much my cheeks are hurting

  6. Posted by mittelos_fett ,

    Yeah, like underage girl you need to go away like go fรปcking color

  7. Posted by Poloniumใƒ„ ,

    Oh for the love of god

  8. Posted by mittelos_fett ,

    I been getting heaps more people trying to rp with me lately, it's weird

  9. Posted by mittelos_fett ,

    True lol

  10. Posted by Poloniumใƒ„ ,

    Honestly lol. But people know not to DM cause well, I'm a mean Lesbian Mexican Nazi

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