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    || Raven...? Oh my ||

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    Hope it’s okay if I join. If not just lmk ))

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    Raven’s eyes widened, frantically scrubbing at her arms and face in the cheap, rusted sink in front of her. The sound of running water filled the sudden silence in the house, drowning out the screams from earlier. She rubbed her arms raw until they were red themselves and the blood had already been washed off. However, her shock kept her from stopping. ‘I killed them.’ She thought to herself. ‘I really killed them.’ Her thoughts ran around themselves over and over and over again. She finally stopped momentarily when she realized she had been holding her breath and gasped for air, and tears immediately poured from her eyes. But she kept on scrubbing. At least, she tried. Gasping for air through her tears, she managed to stop, due to her inability to see as a result of her sobbing. Her body felt weak and collapsed onto the floor below her as her strength abandoned her. “Oh god,” Raven cried quietly to herself. She sniffed softly, trying to wipe her eyes and nose from the sorrow expressed on her face. Flashbacks of what happened earlier played violently in her head, like a movie on fast forward. The father all in white, his prayer book in hand, a fanatic, disillusioned by his beliefs. His screams of “being saved.” Their psychotic son, reaching to bound her wrists. And the mother. Raven’s tears fell more furiously now, and her need to stand herself up to distract herself from reliving this pain was far more important now. She took a deep shakey breath, staring herself in the mirror. She managed to wash out most of the blood from her raggedy black hair, and the dried blood that streaked across her eyebrows was gone as well. Her olive toned skin looked normal, considering her dehydrated state. She took off the bloodstained, raggedy white shirt they gave her, accepting her black undershirt as an appropriate top considering the circumstances. She sniffles as she undressed, finding her old pair of jeans in the old laundry basket in the bathroom as well. Everything there was so unkempt and rusty, with flies buzzing in and out every few seconds. Raven turned to the door of the bathroom, staring at it for a moment, knowing what stood on the other side. She took a slow, deep, unsteady breath before swinging it open. The same level of unkemptness met her on the other side of the door, except for the bloodstains on the walls. And the furniture. And the ceilings. And of course the three dead bodies that were littered around the house. She turned her eyes up towards the ceiling, and rushed to the door. However, her anxiety made her feel as though she was walking in slow motion. Her boots pounded on the floor as she ran out the door, jumping over the fathers body before running out the front door and slamming it behind her. She looked out to the flat, desert that surrounded her, seeing a road a few miles ahead.

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    Jojen gripped Caz’s throat just enough so he could breathe. Pulling him close—nose to nose, he gives a breathy laugh. “Ah Cazius. I can’t say this doesn’t make me happy. There’s been so many times I wanted to tear the smug look from your skull.” He chuckled low and began to squeeze. Caz gritted his teeth. “I’m going to kill you Jo. And then.... I’m..going after Altar-“ “HEY FUCK HEAD!!” Jojen’s smug smile fell away as he cranes his neck backward. His eyes met a male—smiling and cracking his knuckles as if excited to have blows with Jojen. “One sided you say? Didn’t you ever learn to always join a fight when the numbers are on your side?! One sided is how you SURVIVE BOY!” Jojen shook his red dirty mane as if disgusted with this mans ideal. “Cazius here never realized that lesson. Always sticking his foot in a door when he shouldn’t be. I’m going to teach him that lesson. Up close and personal—“ turning his head back to Caz, he took one look into those blue eyes before pulling closer and closing his mouth around his ear. Caz gritted his teeth and pressed his right foot against the chest of Jojen and pushed hard until Jojen released him. Falling to the ground, he clutched his bloody ear—or the bloody hole that it left behind. Jojen stood over him and spit out his flesh before flashing a red grin. Then he turned his attention to Charlie. He began to walk. “His blood tastes like dirt and despair. Miserable people always taste the worst. They taint themselves with disappointment and little ambition. What do you taste like..?” Pride beat down the majority of the men. Looking across the short dirt clearing to her brother where a pincher was steadily making his way. A toothed blade was in the palm of his hand. “Caz!” Pride bent and grabbed the short dagger in her boot and tossed it through the air. It spun once.. twice.. three times. Until it embedded in the chest of the pincher. Wide eyed, he looked down and dropped the blade. He went to wrap his hand around the dagger in his chest until his eyes rolled back and he fell over. Pride got to Caz and bent. “You let him take a chunk out of her face! Fuck Caz..” he grunted as she helped him stand. She looked over at the pincher on the ground just then. “He’s dead.” Her eyes lidded a little. She killed someone. “Yeah. Usually that’s preferable because-“ Caz stopped as six pinchers moved to surround them. “..they’ll just get back up...” he then cursed under his breathe.

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    4 days. Ok soon. |

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    Adonis would keep his attention on the road, hearing the man next to him burst out in laughter to his own words. Adonis had actually gave it some serious thought, so he would respond to Percy’s curiosity, “If Halcyon was like that, New Artemus wouldn’t exist.” Adonis wouldn’t think on it anymore thereafter. “I’m still trying to figure out how we got left behind, and who these two we’re backing-up,” This wasn’t sitting right in Adonis’ head, “how’d we even get involved with them?” Whatever the reason, he’d determine how they would handle the situation once they would arrive, no one distrust an outsider more than him. “Percy, keep and eye on the big one... Caz,” Adonis would prepare another cigarette for him to light, “he’s a problem, I can already tell,” he’d take a drag and offer an stick to his passenger, “cut him down the moment he appears to be a threat.” ——————————————————— “Shit...” Charlie clenched his teeth as they had started throwing hands, for a moment there it seemed they were gonna be alright. The girl was handling her own against all the gorillas lackeys and her brother had actually got a hit on the gorilla. But the tables had turned quickly for the tank had got a hold of the brother with a quick clasp to the throat. Well that was it, from what Charlie had figured they made a good run, everyone goes down in The Mad World someday, and It would seem that there’s was today. Charlie there was no way that small girl was gonna beat bat meat head of a monster and his lackeys alone. Charlie would rub his temples as though he was soothing a headache, he already knew he wasn’t going to just leave them be. It’s something his father would do, that’s why he feels the need to do something. He’d released a huge sigh and move himself from behind the giant wall of ship debris. “HEY FUCK HEAD!!” Charlie yelled with the intention on taking center stage, upon emerging from his cover he’d commence cracking his knuckles to the point you could hear the sound of the leather on his gloves stretching. He’d stand looking onward toward Jojen, with a large smile on his face, “this fight seems kinda one sided do you think?” Charlie didn’t just intend to bait him. He was ready to dance with Jojen.

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    Caz didn’t look at his sister but he spoke at her. “You can handle it can’t you?” PR nodded and rounded the car with a finger trailing along the hood. Reaching through the open window, she pulled out brass knuckles and slid them on. “Given these aren’t as nice as our friends there-“ she gestured to Jojen’s massive spiked gloves. “-but they’ll do.” Jojen scoffed. “I’ll make sure to leave you alive long enough for you to watch me taste her...” he then looked left. Then right. His goons waited eagerly before finally—he nodded. Ten men moved in. Three taking up the lead. PR kicked off the car and dove into the small fray, passing blows. Caz’s eyes remained on Jojen. Caz moves forward, dropping the chain to the dirt ground. Jojen sneered and walked forward as well. “Let’s see what you got CAZIUS!” Both raises their fists— They connected at the elbow, a power struggle commences. But Jojen has the upper hand. With their arms hooked, he swung Caz on the ground and was coming around quick with his left gloved hand. “I’LL POUND YOU TENDER BOY!” Caz blue eyes narrowed and he jerked his head to the right as the globe struck the earth and it cracked beneath the blow. His jaw tightened and Caz reeled his head forward and smashed it into Jojen’s thick skull. He staggered back; his big body heaving with anger as Caz slowly stood, eyes leveled and face passive. “You let your animal stench override your instincts-“ Caz would say as he reeled a fist back and connected it with the mans jaw. “You’re not going to win.” Suddenly Jojen’s massive hand shot out and closed around Caz throat. He bared his teeth as Jojen stared back with one eye swollen. “We’ll see about that..” —- Aiko has her arms crossed and head tilted back with her eyes closed. She was fighting her instincts to fall asleep. So she would do what she did best. Babble. “Hey 2D. Tell me about this place that we’re going. Why do you all have such a connection with it? Weren’t you born in Halcyon?” She was pulling out a pack of cigarettes and places it in her mouth. She went to light it, but the van was bouncing too damn much. She cursed but finally got it lit. “I mean with Alusium on one end of the spectrum and Halcyon on the other, Where does Miracle City fall?” She inhaled and cleared her throat. “Why can’t we visit like... a beach. With some fruity cocktails me—“ Aiko dazed a little with glee. “—and hot women he he he...”

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