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  1. Posted by bluetheactor ,

    : people chatters about me :

  2. Posted by lyricc ,

    Lyric:*breathing heavily and collapses on the ground crying in the middle of my circle of corpses and forgets rin is watching

  3. Posted by bluetheactor ,

    : runs off :

  4. Posted by lyricc ,

    Lyric:*runs at them at a speed so you cant see me and breaks their necks so brutally that the bones are obviously disfigured

  5. Posted by bluetheactor ,

    : turns back if she is followed :

  6. Posted by lyricc ,

    Hunters: holy sh*t... shes- shes alive?

  7. Posted by lyricc ,

    Lyric:*looks at the remaining hunters* you killed my tribe.

  8. Posted by rinkanzaki ,

    *rin quickly heals lyric*

  9. Posted by lyricc ,

    Lyric:*has flashback of hunters killing off my tribe and heals instantly and stands up with eyes bright red and fangs dangerously sharp

  10. Posted by bluetheactor ,


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