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  1. Posted by __princess__ ,

    It's fine i know starting from scratch isnt always everyone's strong suit. @anais_hitachiin

  2. Posted by anais_hitachiin ,

    That’s cool. I’m not real artsy so I can’t really do stuff from scratch.

  3. Posted by __princess__ ,

    -Alex from totally spies -Sophie from howls moving castle -Chihiro from spirited away -pidge from voltron Saber- fate stay night any many more @anais_hitachiin

  4. Posted by __princess__ ,

    I have a small lists of characters i wanna do soon @anais_hitachiin

  5. Posted by __princess__ ,

    Well I've done a couple and i am working on two at the moment. I make my cosplays from scratch so it takes me a while and i also spend a good enough of money.

  6. Posted by anais_hitachiin ,

    I like simple cosplays where I don’t have too spend to much. But I am all for anything.

  7. Posted by anais_hitachiin ,

    Which ones are you thinking of doing ?

  8. Posted by anais_hitachiin ,

    I’ve seen a lot tbh.

  9. Posted by __princess__ ,

    Oh yeah I totally understand. But i use to cosplay alone but i have a close friend of mine who is slowly getting into cosplays with me. I'm looking for people to become friends with to go to cons and hangout in cosplay with. 😌 What character's would you want to cosplay ? and what anime or video game are they from?@anais_hitachiin

  10. Posted by anais_hitachiin ,

    Oh nice. I’ve been wanting to cosplay for a while but don’t really have friends that want to or are into the same stuff for that matter

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