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    @skellymouse @bloodfeather (Just made an rp i think you two will enjoy)

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    -runs through the room screaming: I'M JUST THE COMIC RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-

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    #dead #rip

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    @bloodfeather there xp//

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    Name: Tal'Liah Shadowwalker Age: appears to be 23 but is actually much older Gender: female Role: shaman Sexuality: straight

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    @bloodfeather Name: Catherine Troy Alias: James Morgan, responds to Morgan Sex: female Age: 26 S/O: straight Backstory: Catherine wanted what every other human wanted. Happiness. She always had a sense of adventure, a bit of an adrenaline junkie to be honest. She had her heart set on using her nursing skills to become the crew's medic. Problem was, she's a woman. Not meant to take as dangerous job as this. Single and without family, she chopped off her hair, binded her chest and packed her bags right after changing her name. Impersonating a man on this expedition is a crime. She is willing to risk life and limb for the idea of adventure in the new world, and whe doesn't mind having to keep a little secret. "All I know is, I'll die happy if I'm caught."

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    @oktoberthorn good to go. Send in a bio.))

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    @bloodfeather (Mind if i take a field medic role?)

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    @skellymouse gimme a bio, bb.))

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