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    @creeskellyfox either the big band singer or the painter, doesn’t matter to me :)//

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    @mellifluous yo, you alive? I know where lamps went lmao))

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    @_understated_ no problem. We can see if they are around. What role did you want?))

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    @creeskellyfox lol if you remake it, let me know :)//

  5. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    @_understated_ yes, but I think this is dead, the two guys haven't posted. Lol))

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    Ooh are there any more open roles?//

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    @creeskellyfox @highwayskelly @mellifluous Sup y'all?))

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    @creeskellyfox Marie listened to Birdie without difficulty, her accent not hindering how she understood her. She followed her point to the diner and nodded. "Ooh, something to drink sounds nice. I am a bit parched." She smoothed out her dress and tucked away a loose lock of hair. "Where you heading after the diner?"

  9. Posted by yellowqueen ,

    @lord_narwhal Birdie looked at the lady when she suggested they stick together. She blushed softly when she said something about her being uncomfortable. "Oh, no. No. We can walk together. I was just going to get something to drink before I head back." She pointed behind her towards the diner with her free hand as she somewhat rambled on. Her thick irish accent almost made it sound like nonsense.

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    @creeskellyfox Marie looked at it with appreciation. "Your father did a magnificent job picking out that skirt! It's simply beautiful." she smoothed out her own skirt. "Say, where are you heading? It seems lik3 like we're going in the same direction, and us girls have to stick together!" she giggled slightly before noticing Birdies shy behavior. "Oh dear, am I making you u comfortable? In sorry, I didn't mean too."

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