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  1. Posted by littlelionx ,

    Eun practically bathed in the attention Jimin was giving him, loving it completly. "My Jimin...." He mumbled out softly to the blonde male. @heartu

  2. Posted by heartu ,

    Jimin smiled and held him close as he wrapped his arms around him kissing his face all over @littlelionx

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    Eun nuzzled against Jimin again, kissing at his neck gently as he mumbled sweet nothings in his skin. "I love you too." @heartu

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    Jimin smiled and slowly wrapped his arms around Eu kissing his head softly as he mumbled “I love you,” @littlelionx

  5. Posted by littlelionx ,

    Eun chuckled again, kissing down Jimin's neck before he stopped nuzzled his face against his Jimin's neck. @heartu

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    Jimin smiled brightly as his eyes slowly fluttered shut as he enjoyed the feeling of Eu’s lips on him as he wrapped his arms around eus neck @littlelionx

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    "No~." Eun said with a chuckle before leaning forward and placing a kiss on Jimin's lips. He pulled back and startes to place small kisses all over Jimin's face. @heartu

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    Jimin bit his lip and smiled lightly still panting as he slowly rolled into his back and gazed at Eu before he murmured “K-kiss me..” @littlelionx

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    Eun did his best to keep all his weight off Jimin as he caught his breath. "T-...That was great..." He whisped out gently, his hand moving to gently caress Jimin's side. "You felt amazing, so fucking good." @heartu

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    Jimin panted heavily as he slowly lowered his head against the floor tiredly and trembled from the sensitivity as he whimpered out “Mnhg~.. so.. good..” @littlelionx

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