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    "Oh okay. You'll find out that I suck at gym and get hurt more than I really should." Eun said with a sheepish chuckle. @singularityツ

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    He raised an eyebrow and shrugged with a smile before walking normally down the hallway towards the location of gym class before replying with a chuckle “You’ll find out,” @littlelionx

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    Eun let out happy laugh when Jimin looked to him and smiled, chuckling. He liked that Jimin would go along with jokes and messing around. He followed behind Jimin, smiling. "So, you good at gym?" @singularityツ

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    Jimin chuckled and turned to look at Eu smiling before scrunching his face up and turning back continuing to march until they reached inside the building @littlelionx

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    Eun took of Jimin's actions and chuckled. Trying his best to wipe the goofy smile off his best, Eun copied his matching and tried his best with a serious face. But he failed horribly. Eun was never good at trying to pull off poker faces, never. @singularityツ

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    Jimin chuckled before walking alongside Eu with a smile matching the pace he was walking at before pretending to march pulling a serious face as he does @littlelionx

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    Eun stood up straight and saluted Jimin. "Aye, aye Captain!" He said with a chuckle before he started to walk, looking to Jimin and mentioning him along. "Off to gym we go!" @singularityツ

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    Jimin nodded and smiled before rising from the ground and standing on his feet bending down for his things, placing his bag on his back and then sliding his sketchbook between his bag and his back. He then adjusted his hair and turned to Eu with a small smile and said “Let’s go!” @littlelionx

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    "Sure!" Eun said. He turned around to gather his things, throwing his satchel over his shoulders before putting his beret back on. He was still seated on the ground and waited to Jimin to get ready himself. @singularityツ

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    He nodded in agreement and giggled before placing his schedule away and stretching, placing his arms behind his head before replying “Well do you wanna start walking to gym??” @littlelionx

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