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    Jimin moaned weakly as his thighs and legs began to tremble, grasping at anything he could as he arched his back in pleasure and let out loud whines of pleasure “I-oh fuck!!~.. oh..!~.. my god!!~.. p.. I’m..c..close!!~” @littlelionx

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    Eun continued his attack on Jimin's neck, his hand slowly slipping to Jimin's member and stroking him. Eun groaned softly, hands touching and groping at Jimin and mouthing at any spot he could reach with his mouth. @heartu

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    Jimin moaned louder and panted heavily, grasping Eu’s hand tightly as he trembled arching his back in pleasure as his whole body bounced against Eu as he thrusted. “F..fu..ck!~.. I.. oh.. ah!~..” @littlelionx

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    The dark haired male started to pick up the pace, gripping both Jimin's hip and hand tightly. Eun breathed roughly as he thrusted hard and fast, pulling back from the kiss and licking at his lips. He moved his head down to Jimin's neck, licking before biting at random spots. @heartu

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    Jimin panted, his lips smashing against Eu’s desperately as he grasped onto his hand slightly and panted heavier moaning loudly and whimpering soon after “Ahhh!~.. Mnhg!~” @littlelionx

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    Eun started to pick up the pace, moving faster and rougher. "B-baby, oh god." Eun moaned out, pushing and pulling his hips back and forth. He moved closer to Jimin, capturing his lips in passionate and deep kiss, licking at every inch of Jimin's mouth. @heartu

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    Jimin moaned and bit his lip hard as he slowly arched his back and rolled his head back in pleasure, letting out shaky breathes and whimpers “O..oh.. g..od~” @littlelionx

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    Eun slowly began ro move his hips, back and forth as his hands tightly gripped at Jimin's hips. Jimim felt amazing, tight and hot. "G-god, Ji-Jimin~." Eun moaned our again, not stopping his hips and doing his best to keep the same pace. @heartu

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    Jimin panted and moaned breathily as he shivered and pressed his head down as he let out shaky whimpers “Mnhg~.. f..fu..ck~..” @littlelionx

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    [[Very, very late. Sorry.]]

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