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    @jaywortho_5 sure

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    Bio Name: Jay Age: 37 Height: 6' 5" Body type: Large bulky build Sexuality: Hetrosexual Usually a kind laid back flirty guy but once in a relationship can become loving and protective as he is over his family especially his wife which he adored endlessly. Sexually Dominant and is into an eclectic range of kinks but favourites are bondage, name calling, teasing and torture. Appearance A pair of thick glasses rest on my nose to fix my impaired vision while my head is covered in thick curly light brown hair that is slicked back yet remains curly. I wore a pair of black suit pant that are secured to my waist by a heavy black leather belt along with a white long sleeved grandad collar shirt that had two buttons left open leaving my chest and bodily hair to be on view when looking either head on or from above. On my right wrist I branded a simple grey leather watch which I threw a glance towards often. My sharp red eyes slice across everything in sight. I have a generally large build with broad shoulders and functional muscle leaving me to look on the larger side which paired well with my towering six foot five height.

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    @__harley_quinn_ Friends? Hmm haha

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    And if you want to be another person tell me and tag some of your friends

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    Okay sure

  6. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    The dad of the rest of the kids

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    @__harley_quinn_ Which farther will be around more often the one of the younger kids?

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    Arly (10). Blonde hair, blue eyes. Just starting to start puberty. 4"7

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    @jaywortho_5 The mother or dad is the really thing we need right now but you can be whoever or 2 people

  10. Posted by __harley_quinn_ ,

    @arliddop980lkmh make a small bio

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