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City of the Undead

The world had been ruled by the undead for five years, taking over most of the world (except for Australia, because they're already zombies). Most of…

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Oblivia Highschool

Welcome to Oblivia highschool. Have fun, get a lover (if you want) take naught stuff like sex to the DM, be a loser, a bully, whatever. To join just…

  1. shizo Ok ))

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St. Cross Academy

St. Cross Academy was once a school for just humans and vampires but now has evolved into a school for all supernatural beings. While there are still…

  1. lemonade66 @kaitybugg101 just read aa and send bio and pic//

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Drawing Ocs

I will draw your oc, simple as that.

  1. swoleanimelover Ok well he name is North Frostline he is a butler but he also kicks ass for and groups that can afford him he has an eyepatch on his left eye and with his suite he wears whit butler gloves that turn into ice claws

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