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Yaoi rp 1x1 [READ Aa]

Hello! I've got some plots some based on webtoons/manha or manga's while some are really just by Me. Before we go into the plots here are some…

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the new world

the world we lived our home, our way of life was ruined by our own greed and lust for power. so we ventured out into the unknown and unexplained. here…

  1. ham123 Why is it so hard to come with new characters, also is it ever possible to find a picture if a monster girl without being smut))

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Angel Beach High School (Only join if you plan to stay)

Angel Beach is a sandy beach town in California right by the sand with amazing boardwalks, and their famous "Angel Blood Beach." A gorgeous beach…

  1. tracyl Caleb brushed his hair to the side with a uninterested stab from his fingers. His dirty blond hair barely stuck in any solid shape, ever, constantly shifting at the slightest breeze. His forest green eyes scrutinized his facial features reflecting in the mirror with an utter disgust only accentuated by the slight curl of his upper lip. After a couple of more finger stabs, he gave up on sorting his hair out and walked out of the bathroom, making sure to turn off the lights. He grabbed the black coat that he had earlier sprawled on the bed and flung it over his shoulder. His light cotton t-shirt was a pure white that stood out against his skinny black jeans and Adidas white shoes. He was ready for day one. He walked downstairs towards the garage. While passing through the kitchen, he grabbed an apple and his car keys.

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Sword Art Online

Welcome to Sword Art Online! I am a huge fan of this anime, so I made a roleplay! All of those who like the anime, please join! Who knows.. maybe…

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