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Supnatual asylum

This asylum built in 2004 now stands today the most cruelest asylum yet. They never let u go outside the fence and if they see u trying they would…

  1. bbb5902805 May I join??//

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Asylum Kids [paranormal abilities]

Bellwater Asylum. We're all crazy, crazy talented.…

  1. bbb5902805 ==================== ⚜ G e n e r a l ⚜ Name: Isabella Barton Nickname(s): Bella Crazy as hell and will kill anyone Spoken language(s): English, French and a bit of German Age: 16-24 Gender: Female Species/Race: Human Blood Type: O Religion: Atheist Sexuality: Pansexual Relationship Status: Sexy Free and Pringle ==================== 🔥 A p p e a r a n c e 🔥 Height: 5'0 Weight: 113 In picture ==================== 🔪D i s / L i k e s 🔪 Likes: Animals Food Dancing Books Art Music Living on the edge Dislikes: Snobby people Homophobics Whiny people Sour food Losing Jail ==================== 👑 H a b i t s 👑 - Sleeping - Biting her lip - Humming ==================== 💀 F e a r s 💀 - Clowns - Drowning - Spiders ==================== 🕶 P e r s o n a l i t y 🕶 - Vain - Outgoing - Laid back - Sarcastic - Romantic/Passionate - Charismatic ====================

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Friends || Read Aa

6 friends decide to move to New York City and rent 2 apartments in the same building, they want to live the risks and take adventures but not…

  1. lucimorningstar Name: Zane McKenzie Nickname(s): Zee Age: 17-24 Sexuality: Heterosexual Gender: Male species: Human height: 6'1 weight: 170 hair color: Brown eye color: Brown tatoos: N/A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Personality: Selfless, flirty, caring, patient, thoughtful, bit of a closet nerd, can get a bit cocky at times, creative, observant, loyal, trusting, sarcastic, seductive likes: mythology, reading comics, sarcasm, nights, music, relaxing, teasing, sex dislikes: failing, mornings, obnoxious people, ignorance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turn ons: lip biting submission (from partner) pinning neck kissing/biting foreplay turn offs: too much dominance distance

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